Weird Vintage Untitled Document

I’m a professional costume designer and technician who likes to collect weird ads, illustrations, and photographs of a vintage or antiquated nature that make you just a tad bit confused/amused/alarmed.  This is a place to dump my collection with hopes that they amuse others as well!  I also occasionally reblog those I deem appropriately odd!

I use the tag “vintage” loosely, as some are more of an “antique” nature, and some are more “retro”, but that’s the one that tumblr people like the most.   I post information about the photos when I know them.  If you know more, please feel free to share it with me!  I don’t claim to own any of them.  If you own rights to an image and want me to take it down, please let me know.  I always attempt to provide proper credit whenever possible.

Some of these images have been on my computer for years, some I have found from random places on the internet, some from personal scans.  

Some of my other great sources HERE 

A word about my crediting practices HERE.  After I posted this, I have gone a step further and all photos I post have “(via ______)” with a hyperlink to the source, so there is no possible way to accuse me of hiding my sources and not giving them credit. 

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